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Sweden is the epitome of clean Scandinavian living, pine forests and furniture, saunas, a healthy diet, clean air and beautiful people create a country that feels like one big health resort. Tucked up i the far north of Europe betweenNorway and Finland with Denmark closely situated to the south, Sweden like the other Nordic states bear little resemblance to the ancient civilizations of central and western Europe. Swedish people bear a respectable calm and a civilized manner and appear to show great respect for their spectacular natural surroundings as well as ensuring lived in places are clean and inviting.

The Swedish landscape is predominantly flay but broken up by many criss crossing river lakes and streams. Stockholm itself is a city constructed on many small islands and the running of water brings a calming effect to the whole city. Stockholm is worlds ahead of other capital in the modernity and style stakes. Yet theGamla Stan or old town still draws Swedes and visitors in with its enchanting atmosphere.

Swedes like to take full advantage of the natural treasures that have been afforded to them  and lakes around the country see brave swimmers diving into the chilling waters then warming up in pine sauna built close by. After a days swimming and steaming it is traditional to cookfreshly caught herring on an open fire to keep in line with the healthy activities.

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In the far north into the arctic circle Swedish Lapland is 'the land of the midnight sun' for three months throughout the summer, no darkness is seen and the arrival of the midnight sun season sees huge celebration and thanks toNorse gods. The most distinct festival to be held in Sweden is the Dragonfly festival, an alternative festival of arts and alternative therapies which illustrates the Swedish ethos of love perfectly.

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