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Spain has customarily for decades been the destination of choice for holidaying Germans and Brits since the 1960's boom of package tourism. Resorts along the costas have been transformed into colonys of foreign tourists who want a home away from home. many have never left. Broaching away from the tailored packages Spain is an enchanting country with fabulous cities, dreamy beaches and dry stretching plains. The Spanish empire spread its cultural traditions across the globe but the real experience is only in the homeland of the Hispanics.

Capital Madrid is a vibrant happening place where evenings start late and days start later. The royal palace and botanical gardens make for visitable attractions but the real way to get to know Madrid like all Spanish cities is to sip a drink enjoy a plate or two of tapas and dance with the locals until morning. Spain is filled with numerable cities of huge interest each wit its own identity.

Barcelona is famous for the momentous Le Sau cathedral famously decorate by Gaudi. Seville is related with all romantic connotations and home to the largest Gothic building in the world. Little visited Algeciras on the southern tip is a viewpoint over to African Morocco just a stones throw away. The Sierra Nevada region is the largest upland mountainous area in Spain.

Madrid travel

Food is a culturally big part of Spanish life, often a big family affair lasting much of the evening. Small tapas dishes perfect for sharing with a group will be served throughout alongside drink after refreshing drink. Seafood tends to feature mainly with some meat dishes and finished with a huge rice paella. Sangria, a red wine drink based with red wine and filled with fresh fruit and ice should appear on the Spanish national flag.

Madrid travel

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