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Devastatingly beautiful Romania is a much under visited country. Jaw dropping Transylvania sets a backdrop of unmatched beauty anywhere in Europe. Clear skies, Green mountains, sparkling lakes and Gothic castle amid Saxon towns and wooden churches makes Draculas homeland seem like it really did come directly from the pages of a book. The largest Baltic country proudly presents itself as 'an island of Latinos in a sea of Slavs.' Romania retains a remarkable identity contrast to theneighbouring countries. Romanian is a beautiful language related closely to Latin and Italian that harps a melody to the ears.

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Vastly green on the whole Grey capital city Bucharest can be a shock to the system but when night falls and friendly fun loving Romanian youth come out to play you will understand why you did not overlook Bucharest and head for the countryside. Gritty underground bars are a plenty and Romanians a very hospitable inquisitive people. By day appreciate Romanians independent heritage by visiting the Peasant Life Museum, showcasing some captivating history.

Head out towards Transylvania on a rusty ex soviet carriage train traveling slower than walking place and smile along with your fellow passengers as you watch green field grow into greener hillsides and mountains. Visit surviving wooden churches in Saxon townsBrasov, Sigasora and European Capital of Culture 2007 winner, Sibiu. See the fabled home of Dracula Bran Castle, only one of many. Heading north again to Marumures will reveal renowned Romanian party and university town Cluj-Napoca and its hedonistic youth and forgotten hubs of life where the peasant life still rules and horse and cart is the favoured method of travel and working farms. For relaxing and down town the rugged Black Sea coast broken by sandy shores is home of Constanta ancient holiday spot of royalty.

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