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Proud and monster sized Poland shares its borders with six neighboring nations the biggest of Germany the west and Russia to the east. One of the ex soviet block countries which is relatively new to the European unionPoland was accepted inonly 2004. Since becoming a European union country its acceptance as a feasible tourist destination has had a huge impact and Poland now accepts almost as many visitors on a daily basis as many more traditional European tourist spots. Poland has a proud and rich history which has produced some influential status on the world including Marie Curie and famous composer Chopin. Music arts andtheater are still a huge part of Polish entertainment and pride today with innumerable theaters and opera houses performing in the country.

Principle city Warsaw was destroyed almost completely during the second world war and still bears some shell shocked scars. Warsaw often takes a back seat to Krakow as a city stop for tourists and rightly so. Krakow offers an affordable alternative and a zing compared with others.Amazingly the largest market Square in all of Europe is in central Krakow and is not wasted in this city with events taking place regularly and its use as a social arena when the sun shines.

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The Polish landscapes encompasses the northern Baltic coast scattered with small islands up steep cliffs then through lakes and woods to the Carpathian mountains and highTatras and bypassing Hancza, the deepest lake in Poland. A delightful dish on the Polish menu is Hunter Stew, made traditionally fromleftover meat cuts and rinds, bulked up with sauerkraut, flavoured with paprika and served in a steaming bowl with a dollop of sour cream. Poles finish any mean with an array of flavoured vodkas with a firm cheers and a meeting of the eyes.

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