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The largest of the three Baltic states Lithuania gained Eu membership only as recently as 2004. Since then visitors have been arriving in the thousands to get a peek at this once communist country before it reaches full westernization. Lithuania sits between Latvia, Poland, Russia and Belarus and owes its culture and customs to the influence from each of these. The Lithuanian landscape ranges between huge open sweeping planes and the hilly regions which protect slightly fro the bitter Baltic sea winds.

Capital city Vilnius sits in a fresh valley and is crowded by woods to three sides. This old city is predominantly built of baroque architecture. Vilnius is a thriving university town and hugely student orientated. The Building that houses the educational institute is worth a visit in its own right. You will be rushing to sign up when you feel the pull of the traditional learning environment in a building which instills inspiration. This small but charming country is short on huge industrialized towns but makes up for it with enchanting villages brought alive by the population andolde worlde feel. Second city Kaunus is the industrial capital which controls the steadily thriving economy. 

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A huge point of interest for Lithuania situated in the north near to the town of Siauliai is the breathtaking pilgrimage site Hill of Crosses. The site was cleared of all religious tokens by the Soviets on three occasions, bulldozing the site but the rebellious Lithuanians continued to add crosses and carvings to the site and in 2006 there was estimated to be over 100'000 crosses in place. 

Some famous Lithuanian delicacies include smoked eel, white curd cheese often served with honey and Skilandis, a tasty smoked meat served throughout the year. Be sure to try Midas, a local golden tipple made from honey.

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