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Ireland travel

Shamrocks, Leprechauns and Guinness. Pubs, the Craic and drinking songs. Rich in its own history tiny Ireland has managed to spread its own brand of culture over the globe. Not a city in the world is complete without its own traditional Irish bar. Frequenters of their local Irish bars are guaranteed a pleasant surprise when they step inside the real deal. The Emerald Isle is aptly named of course the lush greenery that covers every part of island that is not built on lends itself to the countries national colour. Myths and legend gives a mystical glow to this country divided by religion.

New and cosmopolitan Dublin can give any big city a run for its money. With the fairly recent development of the Temple Bar district Dublin compared to other Irish towns id like taking a leap into the future. For the true Celtic treatment a trip to Galway, repeatedly names as home to the best pint of Guinness in the world is simply an option to good to miss.

The Irish are renowned fro their crack and the true experience is always more rewarding when on their home turf. Visit the Blarney stone and kiss it. This is reportedly how a true Irishman gets to be so charming.

Ireland travel

The most obvious time for a visit to experience Ireland at its absolute best without a doubt would be on and around March 17th. The most hedonistic, important day on the Irish calendar, St Patrick's day is such a patriotic festival that Irish communities in every city has it's own version of events. This is a rare time in Ireland when everyone forgets about division, holds hands a raises a glass to the greatness of the charming green island they call home.

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