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Germany hotels

A huge and diverse country Germany offers every visitor something to please them. A historically divided nation, Germany still retains it's own cultural characteristics from region to region. Former eastern Germany however has embraced western social standards with relish. Berlin has found itself to be one of the most artful,  multicultural, accepting city in the whole of western Europe. German people are stoutly proud of what they produce and their identity as a people. If there are two things that any German will admit to loving it will be beer and Football.

Since the fall of the wall in Berlin this inspiring fascinating city has become central to artists, music folk and performers. Now home to numerable event venues. For art lovers the choice is astounding with no less than 170 galleries and museums and over 100 cinemas. Outside of Berlin Germany is scattered with smaller, friendly slower paced university towns filled with amazing buildings and night life alike.

If you really want to experience a city with a difference, Berlin will confuse, amaze, and inspire you, all at the same time. Divided for so long, the affluent and arty western side is still very different to the post communist eastern areas. It's a bewildering mix of rebuilding, both physically and emotionally. Reunification was sought for so long, and now it seems nobody is quite sure what to do now its here. The more adventurous will revel in the nightlife, which varies from the regular nightclubs to some extremely ‘alternative' venues.

In the south Bavaria serves up a different feel completely. This is the land associated with beer maidens and litre steins. Munich in this states plays host yearly to Europe's biggest beer festival Oktoberfest, a month long festival paying homage to Germany's many micro breweries and big name brands.

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Germany's stunning landscape takes in the huge and eerie Black Forest in the south west to the Bavarian Alps and the North German plains. Any number of activities are on offer but Germany is well equipped for camping trips. Make like a native and hire a huge fully equipped camper van and tour the country in style. It would be a sin to miss traditional Bratwurst, a sausage regularly served with a cold pilsner. Prost!

Germany 's south-west should also be considered, at least for the lavish architecture of Munich , the medieval splendour of Rothenburg, and the world famous towers of Neuchwanstein Castle just a few miles from the Austrian border. If it looks familiar it's because it was the inspiration for the Disneyland castle, and was used in the classic children's film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Heading back the river valley's, in the heart of the Neckar Valley is the historic city of Heidelberg . For such an old city, it has a strangely cosmopolitan feel, with the bustle of students and tourists along the main streets and riverside. It's a great place to try that German delicacy, the cream cake, which will have you drooling as you make your choice.
Koblenz sits at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, in front of a huge monument known as the Deutsches Eck, or German Corner. If you're able to be here for the Rhine in Flames festival each autumn, you'll see spectacular firework and light shows across the river, where the massive Ehrenbreitstein castle dominates the skyline. As with even the most minor festivals in German, the party spreads across the city, for these are people who love to enjoy themselves. Wine festivals, beer festivals, carnival, and New Year, are all good examples, but if you're in Germany at the time of any such event, don't expect an early night!

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