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All of the Scandinavian countries are renowned as being liberal, healthy and economic. Denmark is a land of clear skies, heart stopping landscapes and beautiful people. Geographically Denmark consists of one large island nation, takes in smaller islands such as Jutland, Zealand andFunan then spans out into hundreds of habited and inhabited islands largely known as the Danish archipelago.

Historically The Danes were a powerful nation starting with the famous Viking Empire. Many historical sites and relics still exist and are pen for visiting if you are in need of a culture fix. Or learn about Nordic mythology. The summer solstice is always the biggest party of the year throughout the country, expect all night partyingand more pickled herring than you can shake a fish at.

Principle city Copenhagen was born for the young the young and carefree. Worrying and fretting is a characteristic most Copenhageners are not familiar with. Make like a local and be happy! A visit to Tivoli gardens in the capital promises an action packed enjoyable day for all ages. take the children to visit its most photographed sight The Little Mermaid made famous by Dane Hans Christian Anderson. To experience Denmarks biggest rock festival arrive in July and submerge yourself in the madness of Rokslide.

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If your looking to get to somewhere a little more peaceful the hardest part will be deciding which tiny island to choose from. Spend the night somewhere there is only you, your group, and maybe the boat driver. Travel between the islands is frequent and efficient. The only land crossing is from the north of Germany. Frequent links to Sweden between Copenhagen and Malmo are affordable and comfortable. Sit back fetch a Glogg from the bar and wish everyone 'Skal.' Cheers to you and I.

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