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Czech Republic

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A nation that has been split by politics, grabbed and tussled over for many years. Czech Republic finally found it's feet and came into itself as a regular destination throughout the nineties. Certainly this country came up fighting and made it's mark on the travel market. Prague is now one of the most visited European capital cities for all the right reasons. Czech Republic however has so much more to offer than Wenceslas Square and cheap beer. Bewitching Bohemia still carries that free living organic feel that we would associate with Bohemian living.

The opportunities for outdoor pursuits are staggering the Movarian regions spans some of the most diverse land features. Aviation activities have become one of the biggest attraction. Hot air ballooning, hang gliding and sky diving are attracting adrenalin junkies by the plane load!

Capital city Prague has succeeded in marketing itself as stag night destination. Looking beyond its main money spinner will reveal darling eateries, inviting green areas and superb shopping opportunities. Czech are the biggest consumers or beer in the whole of Europe and play host to the fuelling Prague Beer festival annual in may. Rock for People in July and Sonisphere in August keep Czech Republic's music hungry population dancing all summer.

Notable cities worth a visit include second city Brno with a startlingly slower pace than the capital and pleasing prices. Plzen to revert or continue student life and visit one of the many major and micro breweries. Cesky Krumlov is the centre for spectacular architecture and a general artisan feel. Reaching other cities in Czech Republic is made simple by a reliable train network at comparatively low prices. Also one of the eleven countries served by the Danube river cruising along to you next destination in relaxing style is a treat.

Czech Republic

The lush green Bohemian countryside hides many villages which have changed little since the middle ages, and the capital, Prague, has architecture to match that of London or St Petersburg . Considering its central European location, it's something of a miracle that so many wars have barely touched it. The castle and St Vitus Cathedral, which dates from the 14 th Century, are a striking combination, and dominate the old city. The adjacent Royal Gardens give a hint of Prague 's high status past, and the former summer house, called the Belvedere, houses an impressive art collection. At night it's very much a young persons city, with a pavement café type feel, albeit with mostly classical music, that is still rare in Eastern Europe.

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