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An island nation in the Mediterranean sea with some it's closest neighbours part of the Arabic peninsular and hopping distance from northern Africa. Cyprus blends pinches of European traditionalism with reams of near eastern flavours and still retains some British colonial qualities. Cyprus is the perfect hopping board for three continents. A country rich in ancient relics remaining from centuries of outside influence Cyprus is an impressive destination with an exotic feel. Cyprus remains a split nation with Greek language and heritage dominating the south and the north a Turkish enclave.

The biggest draw to Cyprus for most visitors is the high energy night life which has taken over some resorts. The best spots for fun, frolics and fabulous dancing has to be awarded to Agia Napa and close follow ups would be Paphos and Limassol. Wine lovers should be sure to head to Lemesos in September when Cypriots and international visitors pay tribute to the grape and the life water it creates.

Cypriots love to celebrate their rich heritage and need to excuse to throw a festival. Visiting any city at any time you would be extremely likely to stumbles upon dancing in the streets, fancy dress and a warm welcome.

For an unmissable European beach holiday with a difference Cyprus is easily reachable from the mainland. Larnaca is the only airport served by mainline international flights on Cyprus Island. Limassol port is often featured as a stop on Mediterranean cruises. Access to the north can only be achieved by travelling through Turkey. Referred to as 'The island of Aphodite'  after the Greek goddess of love this apt pseudonym perfectly captures the essence of Cyprus. For the thousands of visitors Cyprus happily receives each year it could be love at first sight.

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