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Bulgaria hotels

One of the newest countries to join the European Union, Bulgaria still works out as an affordable destination for budget minded travellers. Summer weather rivals traditional European holiday destinations but relief from the heat can be sought by dipping into one of Bulgaria's many cold water natural cave pools. Bulgaria's student orientated capital city Sofia is a world away from the ancient ex capital Veliko Tarnova and city of ruins Plovdiv. The Bulgarian coast centred around Varna is a dream for water sports.

Bulgarians love barbecues. April through to September sees every meal taken outside and cooked up on the grill. The array of fish dishes on offer at prices to make the mouth water are the pick of the menu. Be wary of the waistline when indulging in the local cuisines. Goats cheese in copious amounts are added to almost every dish. A Shopska salad is the ubiquitous starter country wide. Winter activities in Bulgaria move up into the mountains. Little known ski resorts scatter across the inner regions of the country. Vitosha and Rila are the top picks for anyone looking for exhilarating ski runs without the Alpine price tag.

Bulgaria travel

Throughout summer months all towns of any size will host it's own traditional Bulgarian folk dancing festival. For three weeks in July Veliko Tarnova has international dancing, music, drinking and eating on offer every evening in the city park. For a mixed bag of entertainment on the beach Burgas hosts a three day festival of debauchery.

Ex soviet carriage trains can make for interesting journeys across Bulgaria. Slower and maybe less comfortable than coaches, a trip by train is an experience in itself. A little way fro daily entertainment and endless confusion is trying to master the 'reversed nod'. Shake your head from side to side for Yes and nod it up and down for No!

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