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Belgium hotels

Beer, Waffles and Chocolate is what makes brilliant Belgium so, well, brilliant. This tiny country in the Benelux zone of Europe is frequently overlooked as a tourist destination. The eclectic mix of Flemish liberalism and French cuisine makes for a culture rich country. In this diverse, multicultural hub everything appears in three languages. Simply pick which word you would like to use from each language, throw in any Japanese you know and a pinch of Spanish. You will sound like a true Belgian aristocrat. With over six hundred beers on offer thirst will never be a problem.

Belgium's capital city, Brussels is home to the European Union headquarters and makes no secrets of it. The streets are filled to bursting with important people flying in daily from across the globe. Away from the financial centre winding streets of dainty chocolate shops and cosy cafés serving famous Garlic Mussels are in abundance. For the fashion concious Antwerp with fulfil any shoppers fantasies. Designer clothes galore is the order of the day for this young hip city. Those looking for a slower pace and romantic strolls should head north of Brussels to alluring Bruges.

Music loving Belgians play host to some of the biggest names in music every year. As many as six huge summer music festival are hosted. Metal fans pile into the country for Graspop taking place in June and the fun rolls through Rock Werchter and Dour evets in July and culminates to the huge,  trend setting Pukkelpop closing uo the summer in August. Summer sun may be brief in Belgium but it is certainly made the most of!

Belgium travel

Accesible by sea port from the UK and over land from bordering countries. Belgium is also linked directly with London by the Eurostar. Flights are frequent and easy to find.
Brussels straddles the dividing line between the countries two population groups, Flemish speaking in the north, and French speaking Walloons in the south. You will see most signs written in both languages, which can get confusing. The museums and galleries in the centre, the beautiful architecture of the old city, and the lively street scene and nightlife rival the best in Europe , although without the hype. And that really says a lot about the Belgian people. They are quiet, unassuming, but very welcoming and a delight to spend time with.

Belgium travel

Standing high over the north of the city is perhaps the most visited landmark, the Atomium. Prepare to feel un-nerved as you travel about inside it on moving stairs, as it plays tricks on your sense of direction. It was built in the 1950's for the World Fair, and now houses a museum and an overpriced restaurant. History buffs will want to head south to the site of the Battle of Waterloo, and more recent battlefields and much visited cemeteries from the First World War on both sides of the French border.

On the coastal plain are the delightful historic towns of Bruges and Ghent . The centres have much to remind the visitor of their trading heyday in centuries past; although today they owe much more to the coaches full of travellers. The coast itself has little of note, although the sandy beaches can be appealing in good weather. Towards the Dutch border you find the city of Antwerp . It's busy, congested, and in places somewhat run down, as seems common with many large ports. But the jewel in its crown – literally – it having the largest diamond industry in the world. There are plenty of opportunities to visit diamond producers, museums, and jewellers who will delight in parting you from your cash. But the skilled work of the diamond cutters is a marvel to watch.

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